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Meal suggestions for trim waistline

BREAKFAST options:

  1. Bowl of at least 2 types of fruit: e.g. apple/ pear/ pineapple/ banana/ strawberry
  2. Hot coffee w/ soybean milk or cow milk – a dash of hot chocolate powder to taste.
  3. Create your own juice
    • 2 kinds of salad greens
    • 2 kinds of fruit: e.g. apple/ pear/ pineapple
    • a few nuts: e.g. walnut/ almonds/etc.
    • flax seed oil ( we get at Whole Foods )
    • 1/2 cup water or juice
    • blend well.

LUNCH options:

  1. Meat e.g.: wild (not farm raised) fish/ organic chicken/organic beef
  2. Variety of vegetables
  3. 2Organic brown/wild rice
  4. Avoid grease, fat, sugar, foods and beverages, much cheese.

DINNER options:

  1. Avoid sugary / fat meal choices .
  2.  2 or 3 kinds of fruit or &  light soup.