Meridian Therapy

Meridian is a basic foundation used in Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture & Chinese massage therapy (tuina) – via tapping/paddles as shown below, feet massage therapy, Guasha,  cupping.

It is distribution channels & links which carry energy (blood, body fluid,  nutrition) that Chinese call ” chi” to circulate through the inter organs & link the whole body. Each channel is bound closely & interacts with other meridian lines.

This meridian system acts like blood vessels but has no anatomical structure found. To simplify it, meridian is just like a traffic network in the big city.

The main vertical rd., referred to as main vertical channels, are called “Jin”. Branches off from the main vertical lines are called “Lio”. There are many “bus stops” we call acupuncture points. Blocks in any of these main rd. branches or bus stops can cause body illness or disease.

Bodily meridians were first discovered in ancient China about BC. 770-221 when ancient people practiced “chi kong” (a physical exercise incorporating cranial concentration technique). They found the air (chi, blood, body fluid) traveled through specific paths (channels). These Chinese doctors also tested over many years using clinical diagnostics & observation to discover this unique, mysterious knowledge of the meridian system.

Chinese use a variety of these methods & tools to keep meridian circulation optimized leading to health &  longevity.


There are 12 main meridians plus governing vessel & conception vessel.

Each meridian has their own attribute–yin or yang.

Chinese medicine health is represented as a balance of yin & yang. Yin yang are two forces that represent the balanced manifestation of all things in nature . For example man, sun, front back side of body are consider as yang; woman, moon, front side of body are yin, …………

One yin one yang are consider one pair they are complementary & not contradictory.

There are 6 meridians distributed in arms.

Meridian Attribute Ends or, start
Lung Yin Thumb
Large intestine Yan Index finger
Pericardium Yin Middle finger
Triple energizer Yan Ring finger
Heart Yin Small finger
Small intestine Yan Small finger

There are 6 meridians distributed in legs

………….to be continued

Easy way to learn Chinese meridian through yoga massage paddle.


Tap your body & face.

  • To relax muscles
  • To tone and firm up skin.
  • Use small tool to tap your face, arms, shoulders, legs.
  • Use large one to tap your back.

Tapping tools are:

  • Flexible
  • Made of soft but firm non-toxic silica gel


  • One set of 2 ( 1 small & 1 large paddle): $ 27.00
  • May be ordered with Paypal using our email

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