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got a yoga certificate 1987

As a child I recall tossing and turning all night long, unable to sleep, suffered from bowel/stomach difficulties all the time and had heart arrhythmia.

Those problems challenged academics due to lack of energy and focus.

Fortunately, my curiosity led to looking for a reason and a cure for such things. At age 18, about 1989, I read an article about a 76 year old lady and how she practiced yoga to help keep her youthful, healthy & fit.

A few years later, this well respected and widely known woman became one of many yoga teachers I would have. Time passed with many years of practing yoga.

Then, beginning at age 27 after years of yoga instruction, I found great joy in starting a life career as a yoga instructor myself. During this next 20 years, I continued to take yoga classes of many different styles to constantly maintain and improve my skill set that I had available to pass to my students.

Along this learning and teaching time, I studied related Chinese health therapies such as acupuncture lines, aka: meridians. Such related ideas and knowledge I found useful in taking a more targeted approach. I teach yoga postures I select and developed based on integrating these ideologies.

My ideal yoga based teaching approach incorporates the technique disciplines of power yoga, reflexology, muscle tone, and deep tissue relaxation. This manner of mixing stylistic tactics I feel is my own unique blend that encompasses parts of Ashtanga, Pilates, Power, and  Yin yoga.

About Me

With focus on physical aspects only, we will NOT violate ones faith. Approach is results no-nonsense oriented & will, as you wish, push you quickly or motivate you gently.

Head instructor, Esther Anibal, has been teaching advanced yoga courses for 20+ years here in America and formerly in Taipei, Taiwan. Her 2 studios in Taipei produced a loyal following of students that included all 2000_Canada_pose_5levels of instruction. Instruction took place both in the studios and at various business and municipal locations, including classes for postal carriers at the post office facility. Private instruction is again available and in the past has been a favorite of families and office workers, preferring to have teaching in there own settings.

Esther has studied continuously as she has taught, preferring to keep herself up to date on advanced techniques that she may instruct with a freshness to her approach. Healthy eating is part of her study and she is always ready to discuss this part of your lifestyle of fitness.

For discounts, motivation, and maximum enjoyment, we encourage groups of friends, neighbors, family, team mates or co-workers.

Contact us today and let us introduce ourselves.

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